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Energy Hacks for Tired People

I bet some of you who deal with chronic fatigue are feeling very misunderstood by others. Some of you have a genuine lack of desire to socialize and it’s

New Medications 2019

Dear Readers, It’s time for my annual article regarding new medications of the year. In 2019, a variety of novel entities received FDA approval, and some drugs were approved

Lettuce Alternatives

We thought it was just Romaine! At this point, you should probably just throw out all your lettuce regardless of the origin. It doesn’t matter if it came from

Burning Mouth Syndrome

Holiday foods are all around us at this time of year! And enjoying these pies, cakes and delicious meals is taken for granted by most of us. But what

Poisonous Holiday Plants

So you know how I love to use plants as ‘medicine’ and frequently recommend herbs to you? Well, there are certain plants that are dangerous, especially at this time

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