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Are You Taking a Medication that Causes Anxiety?

You wake up at 4 am feeling tired, but wired and you keep twirling some person or event in your head, never going back to sleep. 

 Something bad is going to happen today and you just know it! 

One minute you feel like crying, the next minute you want to scream… over pretty much […]

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It’s Another Attack on Herbs and It Makes Me Mad

I was aghast after reading the Consumer Reports post which just revealed 15 herbs which they feel are dangerous for you.  Their headline reads “15 Supplement Ingredients to Always Avoid” and goes on to say “These supplement ingredients can cause organ damage, cardiac arrest, and cancer.” 

Man, that just scares the bejeebers out of you, […]

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Plate with aspirin

36 Foods that Contain Aspirin 

Ingredients similar to aspirin were extracted from meadowsweet and willow bark centuries ago, bit in 1899, salicin was altered into a patentable drug called aspirin which is abbreviated as ASA for “acetylsalicylic acid.”  Notice the prefix “acetyl” on that, because I will come back to that at the end of this article. Aspirin was approved […]

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10 Natural Solutions for Allergies and Sinusitus

Allergic rhinitis is the medical term for allergies and while you might think it’s just from pollen or pet dander, or maybe gluten or dairy, that’s not really the case. Pollution is a big trigger for allergies and in cities where fracking takes place, respiratory and lung function takes a hit.  In the last 50 […]

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8 Reasons to Avoid Stearate in your Supplements

Some of you watch your gluten intake, others avoid artificial colors and sweeteners.  Some of you read supplement labels, and others don’t. Today I want to teach you about magnesium stearate.  

Magnesium stearate or “mag stearate” for short is a chemical additive used by most nutritional supplement companies.  It acts as a lubricant to run machines […]

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Fresh fruity ice cubes in water

5 Medicinal Ice Cube Recipes to Help You Lose Weight

I bet some of you drink pure filtered water and try to get your friends and relatives to do the same but they won’t listen. Drinking water instead of soda can be the fastest, simplest way to lose weight and improve health. Why? 

Because we all need fresh water to dilute poisons in our body […]

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Doctor and patient

Your Feelings Matter More than Your Labs… How Ya’ Feeling?

It’s such a simple question and yet, I bet your own opinion of how you feel matters little to your doctors.  It’s quite frequent that you’re told not to worry about your health if a lab test comes back as “normal.”  The assumption is made that nothing’s wrong. New research suggests that how you FEEL […]

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Thyroid Fatigue

9 Tips to Improve Energy and Stop Thyroid Problems

#1 There are many “thyroid bombs” and cigarettes are one of them. Smokers have lower serum TSH and higher free T4 and free T3 levels than non-smokers, which makes it look like you don’t have thyroid disease even when you do. #2 Drive old cars.  The new ones are off-gassing all the bromide and that’s […]

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Why You Shouldn’t Eat Leftovers or Fermented Foods

This whole article was inspired by my General Contractor Greg, who I helped feel better with one simple tip. I told him to by stop drinking kombucha every day.  It dawned on me that many of you think fermented foods are good for you. Another friend of mine Missy, gets migraines several times a month […]

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How Probiotics Improve Bone Strength

 Did you hear the report a few weeks ago on Good Morning America or Fox News? The British Medical Journal (BMJ) announced the results of a major study making headline news. The headline news was “Dietary calcium intake is not associated with risk of fracture, and there is no clinical trial evidence that increasing calcium intake from […]

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