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Mouth-watering Pesto Squash with Aloe

Today I’m sharing my favorite recipe for a healthy pesto-inspired spaghetti dish. This colorful, fabulous dish is loaded with healthy nutrients and includes the supplement ‘aloe vera juice’ which you can’t even taste. As for health benefits, spaghetti squash has a fair amount of beta carotenoids as well as soluble fiber. It only has 40 […]

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Diet decision concept and nutrition choices dilemma between healthy good fresh fruit and vegetables or greasy cholesterol rich fast food with a man on a crossroad trying to decide what to eat for the best lifestyle choice.

New Study- Suppressing Acid 24/7 Raises Risk of Stroke

New Report Says PPI Acid Blockers May Raise Risk of Stroke Most of you assume that if a medication is sold over-the-counter (OTC) it’s safe, but that is simply not true. OTC medications are big business, especially drugs for stomach discomfort. An estimated 20 million Americans buy OTC drugs to get quick relief from indigestion, […]

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Top view image of mature man, looking forward, having trouble sleeping from insomnia

Akathisias Make You Want to Jump Out of Your Skin

People have killed themselves over this condition but unfortunately, to the regular person, it is nothing more than a word… until you experience it first hand. The sensation of akathisia varies from person to person, and the way you experience it can change every few minutes or hours. Psychiatrists or other practitioners who don’t understand […]

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Glucose meter with word sugar, heap of candies, cookies and brown cane sugar, too many sweets, unhealthy food, concept of diabetes and reduction of eating sweets

Find Out How to Effortlessly Support Healthy Blood Sugar Levels Without Drugs

Are you constantly struggling to maintain a healthy blood sugar level? Confused about what to eat? Do you need help relieving nerve pain, so you can sleep at night? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the questions above, then you must keep reading. Because I’m about to share with you the best option available […]

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Headaches? Time to Get Your Thyroid Checked!

I like saying “I told you so” because it means you got my help years ahead of everyone else.  And in this case, it’s about headaches and migraines, and how this condition is tied to hypothyroidism and thyroid hormone insufficiencies. Because headaches and thyroid disease are not life-threatening, there isn’t a lot of research on them, but […]

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Breast cancer image

Important Research About Breast Cancer 

Few things are more painful to bear than a diagnosis of breast cancer and all that goes with it! I have three close friends who are breast cancer thrivers today, unfortunately my beloved mother-in-law died from it because the suspicious spot on her scan did not recieve follow up imaging and by the following year, […]

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Amazing Health Benefits of Butternut Squash — Plus a Recipe

Autum is stunning here in Colorado and I wait for the leaves on the trees to begin to glow orange and yellow. I love how the temperature drops, and I get to dust off my beloved boots. There’s a pumpkin patch near my house that begins to boast its harvest with pretty little pumpkins for […]

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white pills

How Some Pain Killers Also Kill Your Pleasure

There is a strong divide among users of prescription pain killers and those who are opposed to them. I’m referring to opiate analgesics such as oxycodone, hydrocodone, codeine and others. The street drug heroin is a highly addictive opiate. 

For the record, I’m not opposed to pain killers when they are prescribed by a caring […]

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Brain Saving Foods and Spices

The biggest fear that older people face is Alzheimer’s disease, where memory and cognition begin to fade. I recently reviewed a client’s list of medications and he was taking two drugs to preserve brain function, Aricept and Namenda. These drugs are useful to some degree, but I feel that there are foods, spices and herbs […]

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Clinton vs. Trump

Health Problems That Clinton and Trump Might Expect

I’m interested in politics so when I got hold of the presidential candidates medication list, I naturally scrutinized it. I am really interested to see what our nominees are taking because it gives me a glimpse into their overall health. Because I study drug nutrient depletion, I know what nutrients are lost when you take […]

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