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Suggested Tests for Better Health

Drinking from plastic water bottles, or taking “The Pill” can cause hypothyroidism by raising levels of estrogen hormone in your body.  The same can be said about menopause drugs which contain the same synthetic estrogen ingredients or commercial cattle injected with estrogen hormones to make animals heavier at the point of sale. In humans, these […]

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What I Did Right

What I Did Right

When I graduated from pharmacy school in 1989, I was eager to ease the world’s suffering. At that time, my profession was rated the #1 “trusted” profession in the country. How could anything I dispense be bad? Maybe I’m the sensitive sort, but I got really upset when my patients called the pharmacy to describe […]

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Uncover the Root Cause of Your Depression

Dear Pharmacist, I was saddened by the suicide of Robin Williams last summer. I’ve dealt with depression on and off for years, and I was wondering if you have any natural suggestions for me to ask my doctor about? —L.C., Gainesville, Florida Answer: When I hear a person say they’ve battled depression “on and off” […]

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What’s in Your Morning Bowl of Cereal?

Everyone is worried about heavy metals in their dental amalgams and vaccines. But what if I told you that you could be getting some in your morning bowl of cereal? It’s possible according to Mike Adams, Founder of the Forensic Food Lab (  Some metals are simply not supposed to be in your body. The […]

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Symptoms and Solutions for High Blood Pressure

Dear Pharmacist, Are there any natural remedies I can take for high blood pressure? I do take medicine but I want to get off because it makes me cough. Can you help? -T.L., Dallas, Texas Click to Read This Article

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Natural Cures for What Ails You

Mother Nature has provided us with a beautiful medicine cabinet. In it, we find foods, herbal extracts and vitamins or minerals that reduce pain and promote health. Consider any of the following items in my list for what ails you. Of course, make sure your approves of you eating or taking something new. So what […]

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Energy and Focus in your Tea

Dear Pharmacist, I didn’t like tea growing up but now it is a passion. I often want a caffeinated drink that isn’t coffee. I used to drink a lot of yerba mate tea, because it lights me and increases my mental focus and energy. I’ve discovered Guayusa now. Guayusa is pronounced “gwhy-you-suh” and it’s been […]

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Cancer and Your “QR” Pathway

Dear Pharmacist, I read one of your previous articles about breast cancer and you talked about a pathway in the body that could be activated, and how certain natural supplements can help. Can you tell us which supplements? -H.B., Bellevue, Washington Click to Read This Article

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Fight to Find Out What is Causing Your Fibromyalgia

Dear Suzy, I’ve had fibromyalgia for the last 8 years, and I take Lyrica, Hydrocodone and citalopram for medicine. My local pharmacist said those are used to treat pain and depression but I want to make sure with you. And also, I’d like to know what natural alternatives I have. —S.D., Gainesville, Florida Click to […]

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The aggravation after working at the computer

Relieve Itchy Eyes and Hay Fever Misery

Dear Pharmacist, I take loratadine all spring because of my allergies to pollen and grass. Is that the best antihistamine and are there natural ones? — S.M., Orlando, Florida   Click to Read This Article

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