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Fresh fruity ice cubes in water

5 Medicinal Ice Cube Recipes to Help You Lose Weight

I bet some of you drink pure filtered water and try to get your friends and relatives to do the same but they won’t listen. Drinking water instead of soda can be the fastest, simplest way to lose weight and improve health. Why? 

Because we all need fresh water to dilute poisons in our body […]

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Doctor and patient

Your Feelings Matter More than Your Labs… How Ya’ Feeling?

It’s such a simple question and yet, I bet your own opinion of how you feel matters little to your doctors.  It’s quite frequent that you’re told not to worry about your health if a lab test comes back as “normal.”  The assumption is made that nothing’s wrong. New research suggests that how you FEEL […]

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Thyroid Fatigue

9 Tips to Improve Energy and Stop Thyroid Problems

#1 There are many “thyroid bombs” and cigarettes are one of them. Smokers have lower serum TSH and higher free T4 and free T3 levels than non-smokers, which makes it look like you don’t have thyroid disease even when you do. #2 Drive old cars.  The new ones are off-gassing all the bromide and that’s […]

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Still life with various types of Italian food and wine

Why You Shouldn’t Eat Leftovers or Fermented Foods

This whole article was inspired by my General Contractor Greg, who I helped feel better with one simple tip. I told him to by stop drinking kombucha every day.  It dawned on me that many of you think fermented foods are good for you. Another friend of mine Missy, gets migraines several times a month […]

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Woman Jogging

How Probiotics Improve Bone Strength

 Did you hear the report a few weeks ago on Good Morning America or Fox News? The British Medical Journal (BMJ) announced the results of a major study making headline news. The headline news was “Dietary calcium intake is not associated with risk of fracture, and there is no clinical trial evidence that increasing calcium intake from […]

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Older married couple - a walk in the park

6 Lessons Learned from Old People

I used to work in nursing homes where mostly old people live, or those who are very sick or terminal. I had a special practitioner license in addition to my regular one, and in Florida, I served as the Consultant Pharmacist of Record for about 14 nursing homes across the state. Part of my responsibility […]

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9 Cool Things to do with Cucumbers

adIn the winter in Colorado you can’t get me to buy cucumbers, but come summer, there’s always one or two in my fridge.  In addition to being a refreshing and delicious side dish on my summer table, cucumbers have profound medicinal benefits.  Cucumbers have many active constituents, including an anti-inflammatory flavonol called “fisetin” which may […]

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Coptis May Help MARCoNS, Hashi and Diabetes

Sometimes I come across the weirdest things that are amazingly helpful, like Coptis chinensis.  This herb is used frequently in Chinese medicine (Huang Lian), especially to treat diabetes.  One constituent was shown in 2016 in a study (Journal of Food and Medicine) to prevent formation of Advanced Glycation End (AGE) products which basically age you […]

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Abstract allegory concept with globe and medicine flu mask.  Isolated on white background.

We All Have Some Degree of Autoimmune Disease

It’s a scary thought isn’t it that you could have autoimmune dysfunction even though you may not have been diagnosed with a disorder yet.  If you take my article to your physician today, they’ll tell you autoimmune disease is “rare” and here I’m saying I think all of us have some degree.  I’m not crazy. […]

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Your Questions Answered About Hashimoto’s, Peroxide and Thyroid

Happy Day All! I promised you that I’d answer some of your questions, and that’s what this blog is about. So here are some answers to your questions submitted to me regarding thyroid dysfunction, peroxide and Hashimoto’s in a prior newsletter. First off, you guys are REALLY smart. Every question was a good one. I […]

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