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Help for Chronic Sinus Problems

As spring rolls around, allergies and hay fever cause problems, and so do lingering strains of colds and flu. Maybe you are one of the 40 million people in North America who are experiencing uncomfortable symptoms from chronic sinusitis? It translates to a lot of Kleenex, Flonase and Sudafed! Do you have moving headaches or […]

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How Aspirin Stops Nerve Pain

We take for granted the comfort we feel in our hands and feet, I know I do. But some of you have lost that comfort, and suffer all day long with strange nerve-related concerns. There is new research about aspirin which could help you, but before I share that data, let’s talk about nerve pain, […]

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Cup of green tea

What Can Green, Black and Lemongrass Tea Do For You?

Kermit the Frog often laments that it’s not easy being green, but perhaps he hasn’t tried green tea yet.  Any beverage as delicious and healthy as green tea makes it easy to be green! I love green tea, and drink it regularly with rose hips for an added antioxidant boost.  If it tends to be too bitter […]

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a happy couple in love in front of a white background

Ladies Get Your Va-va-va-voom Back

Ladies, we all know there are plenty of ways to say you’re not “in the mood”, however, if you find yourself using excuse after excuse, this could be a sign of bigger hormonal problems. It’s estimated that 40 percent of adult women experience low libido, and I suspect that’s an underreported number.  Men love to use those […]

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12 Surefire Ways to Relieve Back Pain, Muscle Spasms and Karate Chops

Today’s article is about ways to relieve back pain and muscle spasms. And I have a personal story that inspired me to write this. I had to go to my local chiropractor, so he could undo the damage done by the 10 minute massage I had received at my local mall the day before. The […]

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'Diabetes' highlighted in orange

How Statins Cause Diabetes

IMPORTANT:  There is a FREE, online event taking place, The Diabetes World Summit 2016. I am one of the Presenters so when you sign up to hear the speakers discussing everything about this condition, you will get my interview instantly.  CLICK HERE to sign up. When you are told you have high cholesterol, you assume […]

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Variety of leafy green vegetables isolated on white background.

The Case Against Kale

I want to share with you a recent conversation between me and my “bookface” mom: Mom: Suzy!  Eat more broccoli!!!  (This was the 5th time she said it). Suzy: Ma, c’mon, I don’t want a goitrogen. Mom: Hah? Why don’t you like going to the gym? Suzy: No ma, I said goitrogen!  I like going to the […]

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Cross country racer stretching on top of a hill and enjoying sunset sea view

Are Leg Cramps Cramping Your Style? Here’s Help!

In today’s article I will talk about wonderful supplements that can ease your pain AND the all important ‘drug-nutrient’ depletion factor which can affect all of you. After you read this, you may want to share with loved ones. Leg cramps are an uncomfortable fact of life for many people.  They tend to flare up […]

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Drug Muggers

New Medications to Help with Chin Fat, Libido and Mood

Dear Readers, It was a strong year for Big Pharma in 2015, with many new interesting medications hitting the shelves. My articles are syndicated worldwide, but I’m only listing English drug names so please ask your local pharmacist to translate. Kybella (Deoxycholic Acid)- This is the “double chin” drug because once injected it acts like […]

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Homemade Ginger Tea

9 Amazing Natural Cough Suppressants to Shut You Up

Wintertime is one of my favorite times of the year.  Ahh… snowy days, crackling fires, fluffy sweaters. Right up until… cough, cough!  Haaaaack!  With all there is to enjoy during this season, the winter months are commonly known as “cold and flu” season or “sniffle and sneeze” season because of all the nasty little viruses […]

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