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8 Ways to Save Your Brain, Learn Faster & Calm Down

Last December, I forgot where I parked my car at the mall and I had to go find a security  man to drive me around and find it. Well, that’s embarrassing.  At first I thought someone stole my Subaru, but that just didn’t make sense. Who would steal the 4 year old dirty one, I […]

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Are ‘The Girls’ Sore? Here’s Help for Fibrocystic Breast Pain

I hugged a friend who I hadn’t seen in two years and she didn’t hug me back.  I thought it strange, but she quickly offered that her breasts were just incredibly sore.  I remember experiencing the same thing myself at various times in the past so I totally understood. So if your ‘girls’ ache, feel bruised, or […]

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5 Surprising Ways To Relieve Menopause

The dreaded hot flashes of menopause are often more than just a mere nuisance, they can disrupt your life day and night. I have been post-menopausal for 3 years and luckily have yet to experience a single hot flash or any symptom for that matter, but a few of my friends suffer terribly. Poor adrenal […]

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7 Ridiculously Simple Ways to Protect Yourself from Cold & Flu 
- And 4 No-No’s

I think I am a real germaphobe because I get very conscious when someone sitting next to me starts coughing, especially when they don’t cover their mouth. I’ll let the first one slide but if it happens again, I am apt to leave or hand them a Kleenex. Cover it! Is it just me or […]

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Migraine Headaches – What’s Your Migrenade?

Dear Pharmacist, I’ve had migraine headaches for 11 years and live on triptan drugs and ibuprofen. There must be something else I can do. Please lend some sensible “Suzy” insight, I’m desperate. –J.C., Tuscon, Arizona   Click To Read This Article

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Kids With Autism May Need Natural Support

THERE’s A FREE ONLINE SUMMIT on AUTISM — the banner and information is at the end of this article Brain inflammation. It occurs in young and old alike, and it can be so mild that your symptoms are dismissed. In other cases, it is severe enough to cause symptoms and it correlates with Lyme disease, […]

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This Is Why I Threw Out My Multivitamin

I’m just like you and have spent a lot of hard-earned money on multivitamins figuring they will work behind the scenes and improve or maintain my good health.  I was never really sure if they did anything for me, so I’d just keep switching brands. It’s not like I felt anything happening, nor did I […]

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Protect Your Brain from Seizures Naturally

I hope this article helps you, even if it helps just one person I will be happier tonight when I lay my head to rest. There is so little that can be done to cure seizure disorders so even a little information that points a flashlight in a dark space will help you. Epilepsy is […]

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How to Choose the Right Cinnamon for Your Health

This time of year, cinnamon is wafting everywhere. The smell of cinnamon sticks in apple cider or cinnamon buns (oops did I just say that out loud?!) is enough to make my mouth water.  

There are two forms of cinnamon on the market. I bet you have plain old “Cassia” cinnamon because that is the […]

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Why Your Hair is Falling Out and How to Fix It

I went to my favorite make up store Sephora and took note of several women buying expensive hair serums and shampoos to deal with hair loss. I didn’t want to be off-putting and approach them with better suggestions, so I writing today’s article instead. 

Save your money good grief! Most of those ingredients listed on […]

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