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Why Your Hair is Falling Out and How to Fix It

I went to my favorite make up store Sephora and took note of several women buying expensive hair serums and shampoos to deal with hair loss. I didn’t want to be off-putting and approach them with better suggestions, so I writing today’s article instead. 

Save your money good grief! Most of those ingredients listed on […]

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My “Relatively Famous Cranberry Sauce”

Everyone here knows I’m a health nerd, so it should come as no surprise I love to cook with ‘medicinal foods.” I confess my kitchen looks a bit like a high-school science lab, complete with various mortar and pestels, funnels, beakers, test tubes (you can keep spices in these if you buy the rubber cork), […]

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Holy Basil

Holy Basil – The Elixir of Life

If you are like me, I have favorite teas. Tulsi tea with a little lemon and ginger is one of those great teas that help me de-stress and putting one foot in front of the other when I feel overwhelmed. Tulsi, commonly known as holy basil, is a treasured sacred medicinal plant of India. It’s […]

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Methylation & Your Telomeres

Do you ever wonder why some people are blessed with long lives compared to others? Without going into numerous philosophical, sociological and spiritual questions, there is a very interesting part of your body that provides insight into longevity. It’s called a telomere. Research suggest these telomeres which cap the end of our DNA impact how […]

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Perchlorates can Cause Hypothyroidism

I’m bothered when the discussion of food toxins or allergens get brought up during meals, as it can crash your whole dining experience, but since none of us are eating right now, I’ll tell you about perchlorates. You can eat foods contaminated with that. This pervasive toxin attacks thyroid function. Thyroid hormone gives you energy, […]

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Allergies and Your Genes – Histamine, Autoimmunity and DAO SNPs

The other day I was reading an article that discussed histamine as it pertains to allergies to pollen, like sneezing and itchy eyes. It made me realize that almost everyone assumes histamine causes allergies and nothing else. This is simply not true. 

Histamine can certainly cause allergies, and it is found in hundreds of foods […]

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Why Salt is Not Enough- Clearing the Iodine Confusion

There’s mass confusion and paranoia about iodine, and that’s what prompted me to write today’s article. It actually dawned on me last night (while talking to a person with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis) that iodine is used all over your body. She thought it was just used by your thyroid and read someone’s blog about it, and […]

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How Weird Folk Remedies Can Help You

I pour through studies and research constantly to bring you the latest news, hot off the press either before it’s published, or soon after.  Take a look at the following natural “folk” remedies which improve health and well being.

 First up, help for alcoholism. Alcoholism and withdrawal. Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale) is an herb that can […]

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Dizziness and POTS may respond to Choline

My first article on POTS was one of the most well-trafficked articles on my entire website. POTS is the acronym for “Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome” which (among other things) can make you feel very dizzy and lightheaded when you first stand up. This occurs due to a dramatic drop in blood pressure and a significant […]

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Get Pylori Out!

You may have an infection, but unfortunately you could be dismissed if you don’t have the classic signs. There are many conditions tied to H. pylori and doctors only pick it up if you are symptomatic, meaning you have heartburn, stomach pain or ulcers. A lot of you suffer with disturbing problems such as diarrhea, […]

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