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Protect Yourself from Acetaminophen Liver Damage

Known generically as “acetaminophen” or “paracetamol,” this is one of the leading pain relievers in the entire world. It’s probably in every medicine cabinet (including mine), right next to my ibuprofen. Most people know ibuprofen can hurt the gut, whereas acetaminophen impacts the liver. Today I want to focus on protecting you if you like […]

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I’m Answering Your Questions on Diabetes and GlucoScript

After yesterday’s article entitled, “Symptoms of Diabetes Mimic Thyroid Disease,”  I received hundreds of good questions on both topics, thyroid and diabetes. And a few other questions including whether or not I personally have diabetes. (I don’t).  I received over 280 questions, so I can’t answer all of them, but I will do my best.  […]

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The Signs of Diabetes Mimic Thyroid Disease

Today’s article is about the thyroid and diabetes connection, and I will also cover risk factors, kidney disease and Hashimoto’s, gluten and much more. I have chosen to cover these topics because thyroid illness is a leading cause for diabetes, and I’m afraid that no one has told you this yet. You know now! If […]

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The Green Tea Pee Connection: Bladder Control and Cancer

There is always some kind of tea in my house, including green tea which millions of people drink every day. Known botanically as Camellia sinensis, green tea contains epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) which provides powerful anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-fibrosis and cell protective benefits. It is well-known for it’s anti-cancer effects. Practitioners frequently use green tea as a diuretic […]

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Babesia Testing and Treatment

Babesiosis causes an array of symptoms that change over time. You do not have to have all of the symptoms at once. Keep in mind, symptoms may change over time. In fact, symptoms of a Babesia infection could literally change every few minutes making you think you’re going crazy. It’s a stealth infection so you […]

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How DHEA Optimizes Health and Improves Fertility

The image for my article is an actual sperm and egg. Having a baby is such an incredible gift in life, one that many couples take for granted until a problem conceiving occurs. Infertility is becoming widespread these days but in the early 1900’s, families with five children or more were commonplace. A century later, […]

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New Glutathione-Boosting Probiotic Available in US

It’s hard to imagine that our gut could play such a big role in detoxification but it does. We are learning more about the gut microbiome and all the probiotic strains that help support good health. Sometimes I get frustrated when people just focus on one little bitty thing, like one supplement (say vitamin C […]

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MTRR and B12

MTRR and Vitamin B12 Impact Your Homocysteine

Over the last few years, there has been exploding information about epigenetics, SNPs, and methylation defects associated with the enzyme called “MTHFR.”  

But there are other kids on the block you know, it’s not just all about methylation. There is another gene similar to MTHFR and it is abbreviated MTRR. The official name of this […]

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How to Make Natural Mosquito and Bug Repellant

It’s that time of year, buzz, swat, slap … it’s mosquito season. Chances are you live in an area that has a thriving population of mosquitoes or other nuisance insect biters. These pesky, irritating insects can pose a health concern. The bites can cause itchy allergic reactions and some of them spread disease like West […]

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Vitamin List

Avoid Dangerous Interactions When Taking Supplements

We are better off getting our nutrients from healthy foods and beverages, but dietary supplements can fill a nutritional gap.  It’s confusing to know when you should take certain nutrients, especially the minerals which can bind or “chelate” with a lot of different medications. It’s also difficult to time your supplements around meals and medications. […]

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