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How To Make a DIY First Aid Kit

We were all stunned by the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey – the suffering and loss have been catastrophic.  Now here comes Irma on Harvey’s heels... only time will

What’s in Your Meatball?

Imagine a large white bowl into which you toss in the ingredients to make meatballs.  You expect them to be delicious if you put in the following ingredients, right?

Pharmacists – The Losers & Heroes

About 100 years ago, during Prohibition, apothecaries were the place to hang out since the neighborhood bars had closed. The corner drugstore was where people traded “hard” liquor in

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How to Tell if Your Supplements Work

The ingredients on your label may not be fully absorbed.


Bloating & Gas
Stomach Cramps
Nausea or Diarrhea
Allergies and Headaches

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Why Your Thyroid Lab Test is Wrong

  • Lose weight

  • Burn fat

  • Feel energized

  • Look great

  • Feel happy

Here’s Why Thyroid Lab Tests Don’t Work

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