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Hi! I’m Suzy Cohen, a registered pharmacist, best-selling author & syndicated columnist. I’m so glad you’re here!

I have been a health writer for over 15 years and have dedicated my life to researching an immense variety of health topics. My syndicated column, “Dear Pharmacist,” reaches millions of readers each week and you may have also seen my blogs on the Huffington Post. I host a medical minute on the television series “Know the Cause” and have spoken on programs such as Good Morning America Health, The Dr. Oz Show, The 700 Club, The View and The Doctors. My books have been featured in hundreds of magazines and interviews, and have helped millions of individuals around the world understand complicated health issues.

When I graduated from pharmacy school in 1989, I really believed that medication was the answer to helping you get healthy. When that didn’t always work, however, I turned to research to help me understand the science behind a truly healthy lifestyle.

Now, at 49 years old, I feel amazing and have the energy to do all of the fun activities I want. Health is not just my hobby, it is my passion and my story. I believe that every day is an opportunity – a chance to reach for the best health you can imagine. I hope that you utilize the many resources on my website, read my weekly articles, and learn as much as you can. It’s up to YOU to take charge of your health.

What are you waiting for? Restore your bold and vibrant self today!


P.S. My journey as a health writer has been very personal, and over the years I have seen too many of my own loved ones suffer needlessly. The immense outpouring of love and support, however, has always inspired me to keep writing and sharing. Check out some of these testimonials from my sweet readers and friends.

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